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About BERGflow

We empower Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, and CEO's to experience record breaking growth, abundance, and fulfillment in their personal and business lives.

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Who is BERGflow?

Dirk van Reenen

Founder and Visionary 

Dirk is an award-winning entrepreneur and sought after international business consultant and speaker. He has launched and sold several startup companies and was also one of the top Brokerage CEO's for Keller Williams Realty International, leading one of the fastest growing brokerages for Keller Williams worldwide in 2016. At that time, Dirk discover a deeper purpose and re-evaluated everything he was doing and the path he was on. He made some huge changes including resigning from his corporate CEO position, shutting down one of his businesses, and relocating across the United Stated to launch BERGflow in January of 2017. Today, Dirk has been blessed to work with companies in 13 states, 4 countries, and on 3 continents, following his purpose: Empowering Entrepreneurs, CEO's, and Leaders to build powerful and productive teams and helping them grow and scale their businesses while giving them a better quality of life with more fulfillment. 

Laura Cates

Executive Administrator

Laura has a strong background in corporate and small business operations and holds a Masters Degree from California State University. She is in charge of the operations for BERGflow and keeps the organization running at a high level. Laura is native to Southern California and has also lived in London and the Caribbean. Now she lives and works in Friendswood, TX which is headquarters to BERGflow. 

Khary Alexcee

Digital Marketing

Khary's career began in building processes and systems for major major Oil & Gas companies in the Houston area. From there,  he pursued his passion for high-end media production and was part of building a successful startup company. Khary now heads up our Digital Marketing division in designing and developing Online Sales Funnels, Websites, and Video Branding, along with Social Media creating a fully integrated online presence with the capacity to convert leads into dollars. 

Patton Baker

Video Production

Patton is the newest member of the BERGflow team. We are so excited to bring in such a young talent. Patton has dedicated many years to his craft in video production. He has the tremendous ability to tell stories using the technology that he has mastered. His passion for his work is fierce and shows in the final product. 




Joseph Lerner

Joseph comes to BERGflow with a lifetime of leadership, team building, teaching, and creating business through people development experiences. He is the founder of a Keller Williams Real Estate Office, CEO of Lerner Realty Group, and both mentor and builder in the San Diego business community.

Joseph strives to bring out the best in people by asking great questions and helping connect the dots to achieve their goals. His career mission is to assist and build multiple businesses which will enable his coaching to be a platform catalyst for others to succeed.

Born in Miami, Florida, Joseph thrives in the southern California lifestyle and is currently raising three amazing sons with his wife Jennifer.

What is a BERGflow Guide 

The BERGflow Guide 

If you have ever experienced a truly worthwhile outdoor adventure experience, chances are high that you had a guide: someone to prepare you physically and mentally for the journey ahead and who ensured that you had the right equipment, tools, and strategy to be successful. Great guides not only make sure you attain success; they are also committed to helping you enjoy the journey, learn along the way, discover new insight about what you are capable of, and help you grow. 
BERGflow is about the journey of transforming lives personally and in business. We accomplish this by empowering Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Business Leaders to build better teams and organizations.  
 A BERGflow Guide is someone who is in tune with the needs of the client and understands how to empower them and help them succeed on their business and personal journey.
 A BERGflow Guide is committed, trained, experienced, knowledgeable, and equipped at the highest levels to empower our clients.
They are learning-based, mentally tough, and emotionally centered. They have exceptional integrity, and understand the process of coaching through asking thought-provoking questions and fostering self discovery.
On the journey, they are willing to sacrifice self to ensure success of the client.
A BERGflow Guide is a teacher at heart and cares about the development and self-discovery of others.
They are willing to step out of their comfort zone, taking on challenges where fear may be present to lead by example for our clients, showing that the seemingly unreachable is absolutely attainable.

 A BERGflow guide is a life-changer, and their mission is to build something worthwhile.

Want to learn more about becoming a BERGflow Guide?


-Mountain (in Afrikaans - South African). It's a symbol of power, magnitude and vastness. A mountain represents challenges, and challenges represent opportunities.


- known as "the zone", is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, involvement, and enjoyment in the process.

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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

-Steve Jobs


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