Companies are about people. 

At BERGflow, we specialize in helping you understand your people in the work place. 

How they behave in normal conditions and under stress, how they think and process information, how they communicate and learn, how they collaborate with others, and how they ultimately perform. 


This is your X factor to building a great business. 

It's Time to Start Building a Better Team


How do you unlock Building a Better Team?

1) The Right People 

You ABSOLUTELY need the right people in the right positions on your team. Learn how to really get to know your people and their true strengths, then find the right people to hire next. 

2) Doing The Right Things 

If you plan to build a company that can sustain growth over time and become more profitable, your people need to be productive and on a personal growth plan. 

3) With The Right Motivation 

Learn how to connect your people with  bigger opportunities so they step up, take more responsibility, and lead. Building the environment that opens up collaboration and performance that leads to a winning team.


When these 3 things come together, momentum and success become the norm, not the exception. Now it's your turn to find out how to play the game that's transforming service based companies across America. 

Build Something Worthwhile™


Ready to get started? 

It's Time to Start Building a Better Team



We Have 3 Easy Ways to Engage


1) Training  

Get the immediate boost you need in your business by attending one of our live or virtual trainings. 

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2)  Membership

Join companies from across America that are learning and growing together and start winning big in 30 days! 

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3) Performance Coaching 

You don't have to go at it alone. Get a proven coach in your corner and level up your focus and execution with your first call. 

Commit to Coaching

"What you did before won't be good enough to get you to the next level."

Every business will have to reinvent themselves to stay in business. You can read a book, take a seminar, or you learn from the leading authority in work team performance, BERGflow. Let us guide YOU through the process. We will get you and your team to the top of your game and industry. 


What Changed in Their Lives?

Chris Goodman

Goodman Coaching

"BERGflow is one of those rare companies that marries their mission, their passion, and their talent into their work! The whole team lives and breathes their style of growth and productivity and they’ve changed me and my company for the better many times!!"

Helen Dellheim

Win Commercial Group

"Without Dirk’s guidance, I would’ve been doing the same thing, expecting different results. He taught me that the first step to success is changing one’s mindset and never, ever, ever limit yourself by thinking of what seems unattainable. You must shoot way beyond that! If you want to UNLOCK your full potential, spend some time with Dirk. You’ll be amazed."

Marco Coetzer

Keller Williams Advance Realty

"I have yet to meet someone who has the ability to stretch my mind and vision as Dirk van Reenen does. Dirk is a master when it comes to mindset and performance. The positive and lasting impact you have made in many lives here in South Africa is immeasurable! THANK YOU"