It's the single most important factor in building a profitable and scalable business! 


And yet, it's the single lest understood skills of entrepreneurs, CEO's, and business owners. UNTIL NOW...


It's Time To Begin A New Journey


In business, being able to build a better team unlocks the 3 keys of success that every business owner dreams of. 


Today companies can grow faster than ever before IF they understand the new game being played. 


Too many business owners work way too hard, taking on way too much stress, and getting paid way too little for doing it. Time to change that! 


Focus your efforts where you are needed most, stop wasting time, and start enjoying more freedom. 

BERGflow is reshaping the perspective of how service based companies are growing and succeeding. We've worked with over 200 companies in the last 4 years and just getting started. 

FREE Download: The 7 Hidden Mistakes That Kill Companies

Only 4% of ALL businesses survive more than 10 years. There's a definite reason. Explore this 25 page free e-book now and get the insights that seem so simple you wouldn't even think they truly mattered, and yet, without them your business will never survive!


As Business Owners,

Somewhere Along the Way,

We Get Stuck.


It doesn't matter if you have 3, 30, or 300 people in your business - it's going to happen.

You try to be optimistic and avoid the deeper issues, hoping things will keep straighten out and  moving forward. 

Then frustration and chaos begin to rise in our business and personal lives.


What comes next? 

The people around you become more frustrated

They become less productive and lose buy-in

They start to leave, and profit starts to go down

No matter how hard you work, it's not changing

You start losing time with your family, you tell yourself it's just a short season, it will pass

You begin to experience deeper levels of stress and anxiety

You start feeling like things are going to cave in and you could lose it all

You get frustrated and start thinking  "Building a business shouldn't be this hard!"


We get it - we've been there in a bad way and we've found the powerful path that changed everything! 


Your New Journey Awaits

Having a Great Business Starts with Building a Great Team.


BERGflow gives you and your leadership team what you need to powerfully move forward and make the changes in your business to transform your life, and the lives of your people. 


Turnkey Talent Systems

Get the proven system to design your dream business then HIRE, TRAIN, and LEAD the best people to make it happen. 

Ongoing Training, Support & Coaching

Get the support, training, and coaching for you and your leadership team to succeed.

A Talent Assessment Dashboard

Get consultant level software that streamlines and empowers your decisions.

We understand how hard it is to be trapped by your own business, we've been there.



I was that person who worked for years building businesses that kept me working 80 hours a week, financially stressed, and not moving my life forward.

I wasn't being the husband my wife deserved, the father my children needed, or a true friend to anyone.

I was in a gridlock battle with myself and my business to succeed and win, yet nothing was working.

I was frustrated and felt lied to…Then I began searching for the missing pieces and found a different approach, one that I had heard stories about but never believed was actually possible.

After finding that approach in 2013, my life and business career have skyrocketed.

Since launching BERGflow in 2017, we have now worked with over 200 small businesses across America and have helped them do business with a different approach. We have personally also built 3 new seven-figure service companies in the last 4 years and enjoy more time freedom now than we did when we were building one struggling business before. We use the same system we train other companies on and everything has changed for us. 

We now help others build the best teams and empower them to drive the mission and vision of their companies forward.

These business owners have transformed the way they look at their business and are changing the lives of the people who work for them. 

The results? Faster Growth, Higher Profitability, and Time Freedom to pursue their dreams.


Begin Your New Journey Now

"What you did before won't be good enough to get you to the next level."

Every business will have to reinvent themselves to stay in business. You can read a book, take a seminar, or you learn from the leading authority in work team performance, BERGflow. Let us guide YOU through the process. We will get you and your team to the top of your game and industry. 


Ready for BERGflow to Be Your Guide? 

We Have 3 Easy Ways to Engage

1) Freedom Fundamentals Masterclass

This virtual masterclass class will give you the secret to scaling your business the Pivot Ready™ way. Explore the Four Freedom Fundamentals that you MUST HAVE to scale your business and life. 

You Get: 

  • This 7 Part Self Study Course
  • Bonus: 6 BERGflow Team Talks Sessions 
  • The Bottleneck Assessment 
  • Additional Business Tools

2) Talent Acquisition Systems

Ready to revolutionize your talent systems? This 2-day training transforms how leaders scale their business through people. These conversations will change the way you look at business forever. 


  • Two Full Days of Live Interactive Virtual or Live in Class Training
  • Team Based Behavioral Assessments
  • The Turn-Key System for true Scalability 
  • Mastermind With Other Growth Minded Entrepreneurs and Business People 

3) Pivot Ready™ Teams Membership

Ready for true leveling up? This comprehensive membership gives you and your team full support through training, coaching, systems, and talent software. This is the platinum standard.

You Get the Following (and Much More!):

  • Weekly Team Coaching and Expert Interviews
  • Live Hiring, Training and Leadership, Debriefs
  • Your Own Proprietary Team Assessment Software
  • Accountability and Company Mapping Tools

What Has Changed in Their Lives?

Chris Goodman

Goodman Coaching

"BERGflow is one of those rare companies that marries their mission, their passion, and their talent into their work! The whole team lives and breathes their style of growth and productivity and they’ve changed me and my company for the better many times!!"

Helen Dellheim

Win Commercial Group

"Without Dirk’s guidance, I would’ve been doing the same thing, expecting different results. He taught me that the first step to success is changing one’s mindset and never, ever, ever limit yourself by thinking of what seems unattainable. You must shoot way beyond that! If you want to UNLOCK your full potential, spend some time with Dirk. You’ll be amazed."

Marco Coetzer

Keller Williams Advance Realty

"I have yet to meet someone who has the ability to stretch my mind and vision as Dirk van Reenen does. Dirk is a master when it comes to mindset and performance. The positive and lasting impact you have made in many lives here in South Africa is immeasurable! THANK YOU"