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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

-Steve Jobs


We Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Build Worthwhile Businesses by Building Dynamic and Scalable Work Teams. 

Time to elevate your Growth, Profits, and Time Freedom! 

The Mission is On:

Build Something Worthwhile™

Each year tens of thousands of people start business with the hopes and dreams of building something special. Something that will give them the income, time freedom, and impact they've always wanted.

Somewhere along the way the wheels begin to fall off and stress, anxiety, and fatigue creep in and it begins to rob you, causing you to lose your health, relationships, and even joy. Your business can begin to consume your life, I've been there and it's a terrible place to be.  

Very few people build lasting businesses and too many people end up paying a very heavy price and that's simply unacceptable.

BERGflow was created to Empower Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to take control of their business, life, and time freedom. The Mission is on: Build Something Worthwhile™


Ready To Take Control of Your Business? 

Let's Start Here

BERGflow Performance Training offers 2 powerful programs designed to elevate your vision, purpose, and power and then get the right people in your business to make it happen! 


BERGflow Performance Coaching is built for people who are ready to take their business and life to the next level through personal one-on-one professional coaching. We focus on mindset, productivity, accountability, and leadership development. 


BERGflow Performance Consulting is specifically designed for service-based companies that have surpassed $1,000,000 in annual revenue and are ready for the proven systems and models to rapidly grow to the next level. 


The BERG Show

Catch New Episodes and see what the BERGflow crew and their clients are up to. You'll learn, laugh, and maybe even get some new ideas for your business...

Performance Training w/ the GoBros Champions

What do you get when you combine 14 Bad Ass entrepreneurs, a whole lot of adventure, and one of the most powerfull trainings in high performance team building ever created?

BERGflow Digital Mastermind In Austin, TX

The BERGflow team took a trip to Austin, TX to mastermind on digital marketing with a group of highly successful entrepreneurs. 

Applied Knowledge

Why learning for learning's sake will leave you lost and without power.

What Business Owners Are Saying About BERGflow?

"I met Dirk when I was the Keynote speaker at a wealth-building event he hosted for over 100 CEO's. I quickly recognized Dirk to be someone that takes strong initiative and genuinely brings high value to others. Since then, I've seen Dirk continue to build, serve, and bring value to help others in business. Dirk has solid integrity, a sharp mind, and strong work ethic in helping people grow their businesses. I recommend talking to Dirk and BERGflow if you are ready to take your business to the next level."

- David Osborn, Master Entrepreneur 

"BERGflow is one of those rare companies that marries their mission, their passion, and their talent into their work! The whole team lives and breathes their style of growth and productivity and they’ve changed me and my company for the better many times!!"

- Chris Goodman, Goodman Coaching

"Without Dirk’s guidance, I would’ve been doing the same thing, expecting different results. He taught me that the first step to success is changing one’s mindset and never, ever, ever limit yourself by thinking of what seems unattainable. You must shoot way beyond that! If you want to UNLOCK your full potential, spend some time with Dirk. You’ll be amazed."

- Helen Dellheim, Win Commercial Group

"I have yet to meet someone who has the ability to stretch my mind and vision as Dirk van Reenen does. Dirk is a master when it comes to mindset and performance. The positive and lasting impact you have made in many lives here in South Africa is immeasurable! THANK YOU"

- Marco Coetzer, Keller Williams Advance Realty, South Africa 

"I've taken a lot of good information about how to better perceive people. Dirk's been an incredible facilitator. He gets it. He gets it. He gets to the point. He gets how business owners think and operate!"

- Josh Friedensohn, Greenleaf Management, Atlanta

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