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Why we exist:

There are too many amazing entrepreneurs, business people, and leaders with incredible talents, gifts, and ambitions that are not being developed at the highest level. We believe by helping others become the very best version of themselves we will impact the world in ways never imagined before.

We are life changers empowering life changers ~ Dirk


What We Do:

We empower Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, and CEO's to experience record breaking growth, abundance, and fulfillment in their personal and business lives.  



It doesn't matter how you start, what matters is that you start!


If you designed your life, what would it look like?



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Our Vision:

Building a community of life changers who will massively impact the lives of 25 million people in powerful and positive ways, empowering them to make the world a better place.

Let's begin your growth journey!   


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Personal Growth Development

This is the perfect place to begin your journey of taking your life to the next level with a community of life changers that said "yes" to a fuller life of freedom and joy! What does your life look like at the next level? Let's find out    



Advanced Mindset Training

Discover how different your life can be in just a few months with the mindset training that is taking people's lives to new levels of breakthrough by finding clarity, authentic value, purpose, vision, and empowered thinking 



For Business and Entrepreneurs

Fast is the new normal in business. RGF1 is designed and built from leading proven business systems, models, and strategy to rapidly accelerate the growth of your business. Focusing on growth, profitability, and time freedom

Life is better with a comunity! 

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Speed of Business is the New Revolution

Join Dirk van Reenen (DvR) Founder and Visionary of BERGflow as he interviews the world changers and business leaders pioneering rapid growth in todays fast paced environments :0


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BERGflow Teens


BERGflow Kids 

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One of our great passions is Empowering the kids and youth of today to become the entrepreneurs, business owners, innovators, and world changers of tomorrow. 

It's time to fuel their creativity, drive, and vision like never before!

Welcome to BERGflow Kids & Teens


BERGflow KID Champions  

Kid's Business Curriculum 


BERGflow Teens YEC

Young Entrepreneur Champions


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