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Dirk van Reenen

Entrepreneur - Trainer - Coach

Dirk is an award-winning entrepreneur and internationally sought after business growth consultant and coach. Dirk was one of the top Keller Williams International Brokerage CEO's, leading one of the fastest growing Brokerages worldwide for Keller Williams International in 2016. Today, Dirk owns and operates BERGflow, a research and development company that empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEO's. Dirk has a passion for speaking and connecting with audiences in helping them think differently about their businesses and lives and the impact they are having on those around them.
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Popular Presentations

  • Heroes from Harvey: Leadership and business lessons learned from being on the frontline in Houston, TX during one of the most devastating natural disasters (Hurricane Harvey) in US history.


  • The Answer is Always WHO: .... to any question that drives growth and clarity. In this presentation, learn how knowing your WHO - whom to hire, who is your ideal client, who are your allied resources - is the best thing you could possibly know for unlimited growth.


  • RGT: Vision + Growth Mindset + Systems and Processes + Leadership  = Faster Growth, Higher Profits, and More Time Freedom.  Go deep on how this formula will change your business and life forever.


  • The Reality Mirror : What if we realized that the world we live in today is only a reflection of  the way we think? That everything we perceive as "real" is only programming running in the background. What if then, we could understand how to change everything in our lives by understanding the system on which it runs. Welcome to the Reality Mirror. 

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“Dirk is the perfect blend of high energy 
and deep, life-changing content. If you have the opportunity to hear him speak, don’t miss it.”

-David Osborn, Master Entrepreneur and Wealth Builder

“Dirk leads with explosive energy and is devoted to his mission of helping empower entrepreneurs through huge value. He delivers every time!”

Marco Coetzer, Keller Williams Advanced 

“Experiencing Dirk's presentation was the first time I allowed myself to see me for the tremendous potential and contribution I have to offer. I’m grateful to have seen Dirk present and had the moment that shaped the value of my greatest asset: Myself.”

-Jeanine Whitehead, Real Estate Mega Agent

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