Ready to grow your business and get more freedom?
Explore this self-paced journey through the core Pivot Ready models.





Ready to grow your business and get more freedom?
Explore this self-paced journey through the core Pivot Ready models.


7 Session Course

Explore how change impacts a business, the path to developing a truly collaborative culture, how to set a vision that truly drives your business forward, and more.

Business Resource Tools

Employ real tools and resources that upgrade your vision and goal setting processes, while helping you grow your team.

Team Talk Bonus Videos

Get a sneak peek into how the BERGflow team creates the content, and how we apply the lessons to our own company. 

BERGflow Swag

Get some awesome gear to support your learning. You can look great while your mind is expanding!


Who Should Enroll in Freedom Fundamentals?

If you are ready to own your success - and the business growth that comes with it - this class is for you. Your organization can't outgrow you, and it all starts with the fundamentals.

The world is changing faster than ever and the workplace is changing with it. Unless you prepare your team for change, you'll be stuck making every decision for them. How can you craft a vision that will survive change and continually push your team forward? How do you build a resilient culture? We explore this and more.

Leaders will learn the proven system that:

  • Addresses and adapts to change, both at the micro and macro level 
  • Connects vision to strategy across departments 
  • Improves company culture, as a whole and for each person
  • Builds trust and teaches you how to rebuild trust when needed

Seven Module Masterclass
Freedom Fundamentals

Module 1: Change

Even before the present crisis, we felt a change in the world. Innovation was speeding up; large scale competitors were aggregating in many industries.

As things change, what is your model for adapting? How do you make sure you are ready to pivot?

At BERGflow, we’ve been developing our Pivot Ready Teams program for over two years. Research, best practices, and hands-on experiences with our clients created this program.

Module 2: Freedom Skills

How do you as a leader need to adapt and grow? We're strong believers that your business can't outgrow you - it's essential that you upgrade your own focus and skills to take the company where it needs to go. 

Module 3: Team Collaboration

A great team is worth its weight in gold - and is just as rare. How are you developing your team, and how can you ensure each person has the voice to share where they need help?

Module 4: Structure

The way you set up your organization matters. Does your organizational chart have real meaning, or is it sitting on a shelf, untested and unused? Getting your organizational chart right is the first step to increasing productivity. 

Module 5: Talent Ascension

Do you have a path for talent to travel? How are you staying ahead of your talented contributors - and how are you determining who is ready to go to higher levels with you? Through our talent ascension model, you'll see how to challenge your key contributors - and how to challenge yourself. 

Module 6: The Pathway 53 Model

Connecting vision to everyday tasks is challenging for every business owner. You have a grand vision, yet it has to unite with the reality of today. Our Pathway 53 model is the key to taking your vision and making it real. 

Module 7: Pulling It All Together

The purpose of this course is to connect you with the fundamentals of mindset and strategy that will lead you to the next level of business growth. Are you ready for more time and money freedom? Let's go!

BERGflow is obsessed with helping leaders level up their businesses. Being Pivot Ready pushes you to grow during chaos when others are shrinking. 


Master Guide

Dirk van Reenen

Freedom Fundamentals was born when one of our clients asked BERGflow's founder, Dirk van Reenan, the most important steps they could take to grow their business. As Dirk reflected on what matters most for any business owners, he discovered the simplicity of the Freedom Fundamentals - while also recognizing that few business owners have mastered them. 

This class, which started as the intro to our Talent Acquisition Systems program, grew to the point it needed to be its own product, and the Freedom Fundamentals Masterclass was born. 

About Your Instructor: Dirk is an award-winning entrepreneur and sought after international business consultant and speaker. He has launched and sold several startup companies and was also one of the top Brokerage CEOs for Keller Williams Realty International, leading one of the fastest growing brokerages for Keller Williams worldwide in 2016. He took what he learned and formed BERGflow in 2017.


Today, Dirk has been blessed to work with companies in 13 states, 4 countries, and on 3 continents, following his purpose: Empowering Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Leaders to build powerful and productive teams and helping them grow and scale their businesses while giving them a better quality of life with more fulfillment.


What You Get

7 In-Depth Guided Sessions

We've identified the most foundational aspects of our Pivot Ready model, and pulled them into lessons designed to challenge your thinking and equip you to reach new levels. Growth requires an understanding of how change will affect your organization, and these fundamentals provide the framework you need. 


Business Resources

Connect with timely handouts and tools that you can use directly in your organization. Change happens one decision at a time - use these tools to make better decisions.

Team Talk Bonus Videos

As a Pivot Ready leader, you are designing a human system of achievement. Learn from the BERGflow team as we dive into the building blocks that upgrade that system, including how to structure the organization and how to optimize goal-setting.


"Dirk has solid integrity, a sharp mind, and strong work ethic in helping people grow their businesses. I recommend talking to Dirk and BERGflow if you are ready to take your business to the next level."


David Osborn

Master Entrepreneur

"BERGflow is one of those rare companies that marries their mission, their passion, and their talent into their work! The whole team lives and breathes their style of growth and productivity and they’ve changed me and my company for the better many times!!"


Chris Goodman

Goodman Coaching

"I have yet to meet someone who has the ability to stretch my mind and vision as Dirk van Reenen does. Dirk is a master when it comes to mindset and performance."


Marco Coetzer

Keller Williams Advance Realty

Everything You Need for Faster Growth, Higher Profability and More Time Freedom.

Upgrade Yourself --> Upgrade Your Business

If you're ready to take your next step toward greater control, sign up for the Freedom Fundamentals Masterclass. This is the best decision you can make for your business. 

  • Dive into the core models of the Pivot Readysystem
  • Explore the structure of a scalable business
  • Learn how to take your team to the next level
  • Connect your vision to your goals, reliably and repeatably

Freedom Fundamentals Self-Paced Masterclass


  • 7 Sessions Masterclass
  • Powerful Business Tools
  • Team Talk insight Bonus Videos
  • BERGflow Freedom Fundamental Swag