BERGflow Growth Programs

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best is now."

- Chinese Proverb

BERGflow training courses are designed to reenergize and reignite vision, passion, and drive and give you the proven systems and models to activate growth within your team and organization. Our events are created to be fun, engaging, and impactful for optimal results.

Are you ready to activate growth in your life and business? 

Simone Karstedt

Brokerage Owner

"BERGflow's training programs have given me permission to chase my vision, dreams, and passions. I've gotten clarity about what is important to me so I can go out and get what I want for my life. Our business hit record-breaking growth in 3 months! I feel so blessed to be in this new conversation of creating new possibilities and to share it with others!"

Our goal isn't to grow businesses. Our goal is to empower the lives of people in business. It just so happens when we succeed in that, the businesses end up growing exponentially. 
Ever considered working with a profesional coach?

Greg Bryan

Bryan & Bryan Inspections

“It’s been an extraordinary process for me and my team. It all started with clarity of where we are going. If I were to publicly share what we know we are going to be doing, it would be beyond the belief level. Dirk has been of such value!”
This is where we become fully involved in your growth and dive deep into the processes, systems, and team building that will take your business to new levels of growth, profitability, and time freedom.  We are proud of our consulting record in helping 100% of our clients hit record breaking growth and expansion in their businesses.

Arvil Price

America's Choice Inspection

“After hitting a ceiling at $1 Million in annual revenue for 3 years in a row, my business is now up 297% in profit after 1 year of working with Dirk and BERGflow!”

Are you running a business or

do you own a glorified job?

Find out now and get:
"10 Ways to Know you are Truly Running a Business"  
and as a BONUS get
"Running a High Performance Team: The Power of the Power-up" 

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