Welcome to the first step of your new life! 

This page is for anyone who is tired of living the life they don't want to be living and feeling stuck, yet they are determined to take their life to the next level to live the life they want to live!  

All the resources on this page are FREE, so lack of money is no excuse for getting started. The only thing required is your willingness to take the first step on this journey and the willingness to stay on the journey! 


A quick story: I experienced a complete new shift in my life, and so can you! 


I went from being $300,000 in debt from a failing ski shop business with nothing to show and nowhere to go


To being a recognized business leader and international business consultant with multiple businesses

I'm an immigrant from South Africa that moved to a small West Texas town in the United States at age 14. I grew up with a strong work ethic and hunger to achieve more, yet by age 31 I had experienced a lot of hard times and failure. I was working 7 days a week for months on end, not seeing my family much, being frustrated, and yet wasn't moving my life forward.

Then I discovered a new world that began opening up to me and I started experiencing the same amazing breakthroughs that the most successful people on earth have. Today I travel between states and countries doing what I love, being an international business consultant and helping people. I spend more time with my family than I ever have and am able to experience more adventure than I ever have. Yet I often thought "Why did no one tell me about these possibilities and how to access them when I was growing up, in college, or as a young adult?" As my life began to rapidly change I got the answer. I started noticing that the high majority of people in the world, as I once did, simply had no idea that they could actually live a life that was far beyond what their current life or how to access it. 

If you are frustrated and tired of living a life of continual struggle without progress and ready for a new life of possibilities, then you are in the right place!

Welcome to the growth journey that will begin giving you the life you have dreamed about. 

You see, the most successful people on the planet think differently, approach life differently, and do things differently. Therefore they live life differently. This is something I had to discover only after I hit rock bottom! Now after 5 years of intense studying, learning, failing forward, being in high pressure leadership roles, and having amazing coaches and mentors, I have experienced first hand the life changing growth mindset, strategies, and tools that took my life to new levels. Today I work with industry leading entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEO's in helping them take their lives and businesses to the next level. However I remember being a place where I needed help and didn't have much to move forward with, so I want to share some of these amazing things with you for free to begin your growth journey!      

Your Free Resources 


"10 Ways" Business Owner Checklist 

Are you running your business like a true business? Download this checklist and compare your business to these indicators of a well-run business
to see what your score is!


MVVC: Mission, Vision, Values, Culture 

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for decades, this growth resource can guide you to clarity about your WHY! Why are you in business, who are you as a company, and what should you say yes and no to?



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