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We only have capacity for 2 more high level consulting clients right now. We bring top value to our clients and grow responsibly to maintain the highest level of service and value to our clients. If you are interested in becoming a clients please contact Dirk van Reenen from our "Contact us" page. 


Thank you! 



BERGflow’s consulting packages are designed only for serious growth projects.

At this level of involvement we only work by application and with very limited number of clients. Our consulting clients receive the longer one on one time with our top growth leaders. We are proud of our record in consulting projects in helping 100% of our clients hit record breaking growth and expansion in their businesses.

In our consulting programs we “Get on the Glass”, meaning we get everything out in front of us and get into the nuts and bolts of your business. We help you build systems, models, and processes to make your business grow faster and to higher levels than ever before. We use project management software to track everything we are working on and keep all the communication streamlined, efficient, and clean. We work from proven game plans that have helped many businesses hit record breaking growth!

BERGflow consulting based on our Rapid Growth Formula is where the following come together

·      Vision and Clarity about the Business’s Future and Direction

·      High level recruiting and hiring

·      Organizational Structure with customized job profiles

·      Custom tracking and economic models

·      Sales and Lead Generation development

·      Leadership Development

·      Organizational Training and Development

·      Record Breaking Growth Strategy and Mindset

·      And much more

Dirk and our team have helped over 40 businesses hit record breaking growth, we understand the struggles of hitting record breaking growth and that when you are always pushing the limits it feels messy and chaotic. Let us help you get to the next level with rapid speed! It’s what we do!

We take you and your organization through the foundational building blocks to prepare your company for record breaking growth and expansion. BERGflow consulting is offered by application only. To apply please fill out the application or give us a call first for a free consultation.

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