Our goal isn't to grow businesses, our goal is to empower the lives of people in business. It just so happens when that takes place, the businesses end up growing exponentially anyway. 



Dirk van Reenen

Lead Coach and Consultant 

The last 12 months of our clients businesses

Growth of Our Client's Businesses

Why would you want to hire a coach?

The reasons you would hire a professional coach as an adult are similar to the reasons that kids have coaches in sports growing up.

·      To help you break through to new levels of achievement

·      To work through situations with you (personally or business)

·      To help you see angles you don’t see

·      To help you gain awareness about your blind spots

·      Accountability to help you succeed

·      To help you plan and strategize

·      To give you advice

·      To help you think about things differently

·      To get you to the next level


The vast majority of adults stop actively and purposefully learning and growing personally after the age of 22. Highly successful people understand that learning and growing never stop and staying in the student mindset for life opens up new worlds to us as adults. Hiring a professional coach as an adult will take your thinking, planning, and execution to new levels and therefore you will attain new levels of success in your life.

BERGflow offers professional life and business coaching. Many times we have seen that working through things on the personal side of entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders have opened up new levels of performance on the business side. Likewise, taking your business game (tactics, strategy, leadership, and mindset) to new levels opens up new opportunities in your personal life such as more time freedom, more money, better relationships, and more fulfillment

Our clients have experienced life changing results with BERGflow coaching. Huge increases in business growth, expansion of business,  record-breaking profitability, and more freedom in time. However the breakthroughs we are most proud of are the breakthroughs when our clients experience more personal joy and fulfillment that come from discovering their authentic value, gaining clarity about what is most important to them, having an abundance in their most important relationships, and becoming the best versions of themselves.

You may think that coaching is not for you or it won’t help you, all I can say is give it a try. We offer a free 1 hr coaching session to help you take your life to the next level and offer entry level packages should you choose to embrace the power of coaching in your life.  Dirk and our team have coached with over 140 business owners and entrepreneurs and have had incredible breakthroughs in growth and fulfiilment.

Take a look at the testimonials of our clients and see if anything resonates with you. We are excited to visit with you and get to know what is important to you!


What breakthroughs are taking place in our clients lives?


Jeanine Whitehead, Realtor
Catalyst Mastermind Graduate

“Catalyst Mastermind was the first organization that allowed me to show others and see for myself the tremendous potential and contribution I have to offer. I’m grateful to have been included in the conversations that have shaped the value of my greatest asset: Myself.”



Desiree Waraksa, Productivity Coach
Former Catalyst Mastermind Member

"Catalyst Mastermind has given me permission to chase my vision, dreams, and passions. I've gotten clarity about what is important to me so I can go out and get what I want for my life. I feel so blessed to be in the Mastermind and to share it with others!"


Becki McAuley, The McAuley Group
Current Catalyst Mastermind Member 

“I think my light is shining brighter! Catalyst Mastermind has made me realize how important it is that I show up everyday and am not living halfway! I truly believe that if I don’t show up big then the world is missing something! We are all meant for our specific purpose and how we can contribute to the world!


Theresa Bryan, Bryan and Bryan Inspections
Current Catalyst Mastermind Member
BERGflow Teens Advocate

“There are a number of reasons why a business owner would join a mastermind group. One HUGE reason is that it helps him think bigger and stretch beyond the boundaries of his mind alone. Our kids spend their high school careers taking classes that prepare them for the academic rigors of college (i.e math, science, history). What if your high-schooler could be part of a class that would combine the benefits of being part of a mastermind group PLUS the structured focus of a business coach? Something that would truly prepare them for life?”


Simone Karstedt, 1st Texas Realtors
Current Catalyst Mastermind Member

"I have self-discovered that I was playing small and there is so much more that I can accomplish. I have more energy and passion about designing the life that I am meant to life. And, so far in 2017 we have superseded 2016, 2015, 2014 in our business. Thank you Catalyst Mastermind!"

Interview Snapshot 2.png

Rich Nickel, Investor and Realtor
Current Catalyst Mastermind Member

"Catalyst Mastermind has asked the questions at this point in my life and my career to help me figure out what is noise. It's given me moments of clarity to hone in and decide what I'm going for in this season of my life. I appreciate the environment that is created."


Greg Bryan, Bryan and Bryan Inspections
Current Catalyst Mastermind Member
Coaching & Consulting Client

“It’s been an extraordinary process for me and my team. It all started with clarity of where we are going. If I were to publicly share what we know we are going to be doing, it would be beyond the belief level. Catalyst Mastermind has been of such value!”